Is Your Accountant Right For You?

Is Your Accountant Right for YOU?

Attention small business owners! Accountants play a key role in the development and day-to-day ease of running your business. How can you evaluate your options and decide which accountant is right for you and your small business? Here’s a list of qualities you should be looking for in your accountant!

  • Clear and concise when explaining things to you in a way that is understandable
  • Solves problems or helps you solve problems using their own resources or through a backup system
  • Services your account as a priority
  • Will give good value for the fee
  • Provides information and advice on a regular basis

Considering these points of difference in an accountant may help you make the choice that will help you and your business prosper. In the eyes of the government, the weight of financial reporting is upheld by the independent business owner, however small or large the business may be. Large, corporate businesses with thousands of employees are the same as the owner based floral shop being run by a husband and wife on your street corner in terms of government satisfaction with business taxes. One difference that is notable is that those corporate businesses have teams of professional accountants helping them deal with accounting, tax and reporting requirements.

You may not be in the small business ownership line of work for the fun of keeping up with your businesses accounting, and it takes an expert, like an accountant, to sort out your small business transactions properly and prepare your return to legally pay the least amount of taxes, while being efficient and giving advice to you, the business owner, on how to save money and run your small business smoother. Failure to do things correctly could cost your business heavy penalties.

A great tool for evaluating your accountant to know if you are getting the best you deserve, is this checklist.

Explain things in a way that helps me run my business better? ___________ ___________
Take the time to review the reports provided? ___________ ___________
Take a genuine interest in my business? ___________ ___________
Seem like someone I can have a good relationship with? ___________ ___________
Respond to my calls within 24 hours? ___________ ___________
Serve a business my size? ___________ ___________
Provide me with information that is timely and useful? ___________ ___________
Have expertise in serving my industry? ___________ ___________
Have the proper knowledge? ___________ ___________
Have expertise serving small businesses? ___________ ___________
Have access to other resources? ___________ ___________
Specify exactly what services I will receive and at what cost? ___________ ___________

Many small business owners don’t get the level of services they deserve. If you have an accountant, take the time to go over this checklist and evaluate whether you are getting the level of service your small business deserves and needs. If you aren’t, there are other options out there for you.  Consider Padgett Business Services Arvada for your small business accounting.